Foster Sales Company Special Build Examples

Transport Box with Lid

Here is a 5' Transport / Link Box with a removable lid

This is also available in a 6' width with various lid options

Build to order only, for spec and price please contact Adam on 07901338473

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D600R Forage Box

This was a second hand D600 front discharge machine that we had in stock. We had a call from a customer in the midlands who had very specific size requirements in terms of the width of the machine and the discharge height, however they still wanted to retain some capacity.

As you can see we have added a 6" chassis height extension to increase the discharge height to 42".

We have also added 4 extra timber side panels to increase the capacity and had to re-design the canopy of the machine to make it fit

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O990R Forage Box

Our 990 series machines are manufactured by order only, however this was an even rarer option to have it as a rear discharge machine with an open option (ie no X.C. belt).

This machine was sold by Rickerby Ltd to a customer who had specific requirements and they have fitted their own V-chute at the back of the machines

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Stock Box converted for Hotel

This was originally a steel sided livestock box. However it was made for a customer in Devon for a hotel to carry wheely bins.

We have added a re-inforced steel scraper blade from our Transport Box to act as a ramp for the bins.

The dimensions of the box are 7' x 5' x 4' with mesh barn doors

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