"GG Range" Super Heavy Duty Scrub Cutter

Foster's range of Super Scrub cutters are designed for tractors in the 80-160HP range. Available with cutter chains or cutter blades, can cope easily with heavy gorse, bracken, heather and rushes.

With the help of farm and contractor users, we feel we have developed a machine that will be able to work effectively in the harshest terrain and conditions.

Either machine can be fitted with a Rear Deflector Assembly, allowing the user to reverse into material to flatten it before being cut. This allows you to go into areas you might not otherwise have been able to and helps protect your tractor from driving forward into heavy duty and unknown material.

Standard Features:

  • 6mm Top Panel with substantial re-inforcement with box section at stress points, creating a tremendously strong machine
  • Rear Square Profile to ensure that optimum cutting performance is achieved
  • Tubular Skids and 4 cutting heights from 3", which are pin adjust allow give greater flotation especially on wet ground.
  • Simple Cutting Height Adjustment with pin system, no need for tools to change cutting height when out working !
  • High Quality Gearbox and Shaft compliments the quality of engineering on these machines, to give the user great confidence as well as performance.
  • Clever Rotor Design with a larger bottom plate to give great protection to the chain and blade mountings on the top plate.
  • Heavy Duty Retaining Bolts and nuts which attach the cutting chain or blade to the rotor, with a hardened bush to give excellent wearing capabilities in rough conditions.
  • Fitted with High Tensile Cutter Chains as standard, perfect in stony conditions and for cutting bracken,gorse, heather and scrub. Chains will bounce out of the way of any large rocks.
  • Optional Blade Kit, with spring steel blades ideal in grass but especially rushes. Longer, stronger and heavier than pasture topper blades, they make easy work of rushes.
  • Optional Rear Deflector Assembly can be fitted to either machine.


Cutting Width 5' 6"

For use with tractors in the 80-120HP range.

Suitable in rough conditions and terrain, the GG1700 has the same build construction as the GG2000 but with less cutting width and weight making it available to lesser horsepower tractors.

Fitted with heavy duty 3 chains as standard with optional 3 blade kit available.

Overrun clutch and shearbolt protection on PTO shaft as standard.

Optional friction (slip) clutch on PTO

Weight 870Kg


Cutting Width 6' 6"

For use with tractors in the 110-160HP range, with a larger cutting width and body, this machine is ideal for the larger tractor in heavy duty terrain and working conditions.

This is the marquee machine in the entire range, most popular with large scale farm and contractor users. Extensive testing and research has allowed us to create a machine that will outperform its rivals in most conditions.

Fitted with 4 chains as standard with optional 4 blade kit available.

Overrun clutch and shearbolt protection on PTO shaft as standard.

Optional friction (slip) clutch on PTO

Weight 1030Kg

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