Factory Reconditioned Digger

Factory Re-Conditioned Digger
Supplied with Universal Tee Bar Attachment

Extra reconditioned buckets £350 each

As we have sold thousands of Foster Diggers throughout the UK and overseas all over the world, we often buy back older machines to repair and re-condition them to excellent working order so that they can be used for many more years to come.

Refurbished to an excellent standard, below is the thorough process we go through to provide a fully working digger in superb condition:

  • Machine is fully stripped down and taken apart
  • Modify mainframe linkages to current spec
  • Re-inforce slewing ram pivot points
  • Fit new feet, hose covers and jib side panels where required
  • Fit new lifting hooks
  • New bushes fitted throughout
  • Repair rams fitting new piston rods and cylinders as required, with new seals fitted for all rams
  • Valve block service, stripped down and re-sealed with all valve pressures checked and reset
  • Replace and handles, knobs, levers and linkages
  • Oil tank repaired or replaced as necessary
  • Fitted with brand new pump and gearbox
  • Drain oil tank and re-fill with 50L of new hydraulic oil
  • Fit new seat with brackets repaired as required
  • New pressure hose kit and protectors
  • New pins, retaining clips, bolts and nuts as required
  • Re-conditioned or new Universal Tee Bar
  • All framework rubbed down, de-greased and re-sprayed with two coats zinc phosphate primer and finished with high gloss Foster Yellow
  • Add new decals to painted machine



Optional Accessories

Reconditioned accessories are available subject to stock availability, please speak to a member of the sales team for accurate stock information

Ditching Buckets available in 36", 48" and 60" sizes. The two smaller sizes come fitted with teeth, however the 60" is used for cleaning and grading work so no teeth are fitted.

Industrial Trenching Buckets are available in four sizes:
12", 16", 20" and 24", fitted with hardened steel teeth.

Drainage Buckets c/w Ejector Paddle available as three options: 4" Tapered bucket and 9" and 12" straight buckets, all fitted with teeth.

30" Jib Extension c/w pins and hoses Provides 30" (750mm) extra reach and comes with all pins and hoses required for easy attachment.

To discuss this product email sales@fostersalescompany.co.uk

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