Bale Handlers

Versatile Round Bale Handler

with removeable rollers over spikes

For handling wrapped or un-wrapped round bales, the perfect handler for those wishing to handle and spike bales with the same unit with minimal fuss

Tall open view frame offers larger support when handling your bale, but with better visibility for a safer operation

Tubular buffer bars allow the bale to rest on the frame against a smooth surface without any fear of damaging the wrap

Welded end caps on the frame give greater support and strength for the handler

Dome profiled retaining bolt which holds the roller, so that when re-handling bales that have sagged, there are no sharp edges to damage wrap

Solid removable rollers slide easily over tines, held on securely by the retaining bolt and can be taken on or off within second

Round Bale Stacker

For handling wrapped or un-wrapped bales from conventional side position and inverting them to stack them in a vertical (bean can) position.

Large smooth "soft hands" gripper arms allow more of the surface area of the bale to be gripped, for greater control when handling and pressure exerted over a greater surface area of the bale

Locking pis allows the user to lock off either gripper arm for ease of use when working in a stack or tight spaces.

Welded end caps on the frame give greater support and strength for the handler

Thick wall box section from frame to gripper arm, typically strong construction from Foster's!

Universal Round/Square Bale Handler

with optional vertical stacking kit

For handling wrapped or un-wrapped round or square bales. The most popular and all-round handler in the range

Double box section frame offers greater support when handling your bale

Smooth gripper arms allow the user to handle bales without fear of any damage to wrap

Easily adjustable gripper arm allows various sizes of bales to be handler with security and ease

Open view frame with four spike bushes allows the handler to be used as a spike by removing the top arm and gripper arm, but moreso allows addition of Vertical Stacking Kit

Vertical Stacking Kit is used by lifting the top arm backwards through 90° and inserting two spikes into bottom corner bushes. Gripper arm acts as a clamp on top of the bales. This method allows the safe handling of square bales in bulk

Top Frame Extension available as bolt on or weld on

Robust box section frame extension, for safer handling of stacked bales, can be fitted to any spike or round bale handler.

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