600 Series Forage Box

Capacity: 4.5 Tonne / 6m³
Our 600 series model is the smallest in our range and is popular with users with smaller buildings or yards where there are size constraints, as well as those with smaller herds.

  • S600 – Mechanical cross conveyor with front discharge to the right hand side only
  • D600 – Hydraulic cross conveyor with variable speed control, discharging to either side at the front
  • D600 R – Rear discharge version of D600
  • D600 RS – Rear split conveyors allowing discharge to left, right or both sides at the same time
  • D600 RSN – Same spec as RS model but with 6" shorter cross conveyors to give greater clearance when in narrow passageways

600 Series Specification:

Overall Length: 224" (5700mm)
Overall Width: 75" (1900mm)
Overall Height: 90" (2300mm)

Discharge Height: 36" (915mm) from top of X.C Belt
(Please note "O" Series Forage Boxes have no cross conveyor so discharge is directly from the beaters at a floor height of approx. 46" (1170mm) over the back of the machine)

Gross Weight: 11,800 lbs / 5350 Kg
Unladen Weight: 4079 lbs / 1850 Kg

Wheel Track: 59" (1500mm)
Tyre Size: 11.5/80 x 15.3 x 10 Ply

Standard Features:

Reversible Hydraulic Driven Floor – with variable speed control to back material off the beaters and give more control when feeding

User Friendly Hydraulics – mounted on a stalk which can be controlled from the tractor seat

Tanalized Timber Floor and Sides – unlike metal floor and sides which rot due to corrosive nature of silage and feed effluent, the Foster Forage Box is the only one on the market with timber which is tanalized to prevent rot and avoid rust.

Box Section Top Guard Rail – sits on top of the tanalized wooden sides to protect them from any damage from loaders when loading

Clever Cross Conveyor – brush strip assembly's are mounted to sit at each side of the belt to prevent material getting under the belt, with automatic groove cleaners on the rollers to get rid of any that does sneak through !

Aggressive Auger Beaters – capable of dealing with the most dense shear grab blocks whilst the auger flights on each shaft are at different angles and timed differently so that they effectively mix in layered concentrates, cereals, minerals and chopped straw.

Case Hardened Bed Chains – with thick steel slats provide robust construction with self cleaning drive sprockets to protect and prolong life.

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